Lee umney

Lee Umney - a.k.a Lee Long Legs - is a freelance Illustrator & Designer, since the early 2000s whose work has been featured in HMV, iTunes and Spotify.

Originally from a small town called Rushden, (he advises “don't ever go there”), and is now living in Stourbridge.
He says he is an “overthinker, crumpet eater, terrible bio writer.”


I have not eaten meat since the age of 16, across that time I have an abundance of comments alluding to the fact that I should eat meat because it's manly thing to do and have had people jokingly say that they want to punch me because of it. It seems that steak is the ultimate manly thing to eat and vegetables are not... always found it odd. Weirder still, is the fact that people like to try and tempt or force me to try eating meat.

Nail Polish

I wore nail polish as a teenager and the amount of aggressive comments I got from doing so was incredibly unexpected. It almost felt like they were threatened by it. I just liked the way it looked and wasn't trying to make any particular statement. Man, the 90s were a confusing time.



After my first year of uni, I came back home for a catch up with friends - they had all learned how to play poker. I had no idea how to play it, and was completely excluded from the game and even mocked for not being a 'man' as they drank whiskey and played cards. I still don't know how to play it.

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