Joe Gordon

Joe Gordon, or ‘Considerate Joe’, is a 20-year-old Illustration student at UCA. He is a Londoner geographically, but a Scot in spirit, and is as mad as the marks he makes. He hopes to tell stories until his hands fall off.

Silent Eyes

I often find myself trapped by the paranoia that ensues in isolation. The fear of the great unknown. I tense up even when waking round the block, for I begin to see danger in every little thing.

A Future Blind

My pessimistic outlook on life has me trapped in the dread of whats to come. Rather than running head on into my future, I find myself doubting my abilities as an artist, and as a friend.


Muted Cries

Through a facade of calmness, I find it very difficult to socially interact. I have been known to be quite reclusive for this very reason and, though I can hold a conversation, my brain is frazzled whilst happening.