david frankum

David Frankum has had a wide-ranging career throughout art and design. His illustrative work can be found in a variety of publications including books, magazines, comic books and album covers. He has also taught art, provided business designs and created artist's impressions for architectural companies.

Depression Forecast

I can 'feel' the storm coming but knowing that the sun will shine again once the stormy weather passes, keeps me going and provides me with the positivity and optimism to help overcome the negativity. 


The drowning sensation whilst experiencing one or more symptoms of mental illness can be overwhelming, futile and claustrophobic... but there's always something to hold or cling on to. Be it professional help, friends, being outspoken, finding a positive amongst the negative - no matter how small. There is always hope, even when it doesn't feel like it.

In 2016 David independently published his critically successful debut book, The Wormgler, capturing the imagination of its many readers worldwide, followed by his first solo exhibition, the well-received ME: Scenes of The Medway Towns in 2017. David has since exhibited his work in renowned galleries, displaying both his passion for storytelling and his home county of Kent.

Outside of his commercial artwork, David is currently working on several books including a prolific collection of his 'live music' sketches, ME: Phase 3 and a collection of illustrations exploring and highlighting male mental health issues for Manage. He is also a member of the art group Colony.

David supports the world greatest football team, Gillingham F.C., wears glasses and likes ginger tea.

Website - www.daveyf.co.uk
Twitter: @DavidFrankum
Instagram: @davidfrankum