Alisdair smith

Alisdair Smith, also known as Son of Nigel, is a freelance illustration man from the Black Country. He is pleased to meet you. 


It’s not that I don’t like Beer - I like a beer - however, I remember as a teenager training my palette to tolerate its flavour, because I used to hate the taste and to be cool, I had to love it.


Rounds have always been stressful for me, it means drinking at someone else's pace and spending money I might not have.


Unwelcome Gift

Often, if I try to break away for any reason, one of my compatriots will proactively buy me another pint without even asking, ensuring my attendance for however long it takes to force down another pint.


For me, being trapped into these situation is really the emasculating part of it, I feel like a kid at secondary school again.